Styđjum átak til stuđnings framförum í Íran - ákall Maryam Namazie um hjálp

Baráttukonan Maryam Namazie (írönsk/ensk, fyrrum múslimi, húmanisti, kvenréttindakona) sem heimsótti Ísland fyrir tćpum 2 árum sendi mér og öđru stuđningsfólki sínu um bćtt mannréttindi í hinum Íslamska heim, eftirfarandi bréf:


Iran Solidarity is to be officially launched on Monday July 13, 2009 from
12:30-1:30pm at the House of Lords in London. The organisation will be
established to organise solidarity for the people of Iran and stand with
them in opposition to the Islamic regime of Iran. IMG_0180_adj-600

To RSVP for the launch, please contact Maryam Namazie, Tel: +44 (0)

Iran Solidarity's declaration and initial list of signatories follows:

Iran Solidarity

In June 2009 millions of people came out on to the streets of Iran for
freedom and an end to the Islamic regime. Whilst the June 12 election was a
pretext for the protests - elections have never been free or fair in Iran -
it has opened the space for people to come to the fore with their own

The world has been encouraged by the protestors' bravery and humane demands
and horrified by the all-out repression they have faced. It has seen a
different image of Iran - one of a population that refuses to kneel even
after 30 years of living under Islamic rule.

The dawn that this movement heralds for us across the world is a promising
one - one that aims to bring Iran into the 21st century and break the back
of the political Islamic movement internationally.

This is a movement that must be supported.


We, the undersigned, join Iran Solidarity to declare our unequivocal
solidarity with the people of Iran. We hear their call for freedom and stand
with them in opposition to the Islamic regime of Iran. We demand:

1. The immediate release of all those imprisoned during the recent
protests and all political prisoners
2. The arrest and public prosecution of those responsible for the
current killings and atrocities and for those committed during the last 30
3. Proper medical attention to those wounded during the protests and
ill-treated and tortured in prison. Information on the status of the dead,
wounded and arrested to their families. The wounded and arrested must have
access to their family members. Family members must be allowed to bury their
loved ones where they choose.
4. A ban on torture
5. The abolition of the death penalty and stoning
6. Unconditional freedom of expression, thought, organisation,
demonstration, and strike
7. Unconditional freedom of the press and media and an end to
restrictions on communications, including the internet, telephone, mobiles
and satellite television programmes
8. An end to compulsory veiling and gender apartheid
9. The abolition of discriminatory laws against women and the
establishment of complete equality between men and women
10. The complete separation of religion from the state, judiciary,
education and religious freedom and atheism as a private matter.

Moreover, we call on all governments and international institutions to
isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran and break all diplomatic ties with it.
We are opposed to military intervention and economic sanctions because of
their adverse affects on people's lives.

The people of Iran have spoken; we stand with them.

To join Iran Solidarity, click here:

Initial list of signatories:

Boaz Adhengo, Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya, Kenya
Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Coordinator, Stop Child Executions Campaign, Canada
Mina Ahadi, Campaigner, Germany
Sargul Ahmad, Activist, Women's Liberation in Iraq, Canada
Susan Ahmadi, Mitra Daneshi, and Furugh Arghavan, Iran Civil Rights
Committee, Canada
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Writer and Columnist, UK
Mahin Alipour, Coordinator, Equal Rights Now - Organisation against Women's
Discrimination in Iran, Sweden
Farideh Arman, Coordinator, International Campaign in Defence of Women's
Rights in Iran, Sweden
Abdullah Asadi, Executive Director, International Federation of Iranian
Refugees, Sweden
Zari Asli, Friends of Women in the Middle East Society, Canada
Ophelia Benson, Editor, Butterflies and Wheels, USA
Julie Bindel, Journalist and Activist, UK
Russell Blackford, Writer and Philosopher, Australia
Nazanin Borumand, Never Forget Hatun Campaign against Honour Killings,
Caroline Brancher, UFAL, France
George Broadhead, Secretary of Pink Triangle Trust, UK
Children First Now, Sweden
Committee for the Freedom of Political Prisoners, UK
Communist Youth Organisation, Sweden
Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Germany, and Scandinavia
Count Me In - Iranian Action Network, UK
Shahla Daneshfar, Director, Committee for the Freedom of Political
Prisoners, UK
Richard Dawkins, Scientist, UK
Patty Debonitas, Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism, UK
Deeyah, Singer and Composer, USA
Equal Rights Now - Organisation against Women's Discrimination in Iran,
Tarek Fatah, Author, Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic
State, Canada
AC Grayling, Writer and Philosopher, UK
Maria Hagberg, Chair, Network against Honour-Related Violence, Sweden
Johann Hari, Journalist, UK
Farzana Hassan, Writer, Canada
Marieme Helie Lucas, founder Secularism Is A Women's Issue, France
Farshad Hoseini, International Campaign against Executions, Netherlands
Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya, Kenya
Khayal Ibrahim, Coordinator, Organization of Women's Liberation in Iraq,
Leo Igwe, Director, Nigerian Humanist Movement, Nigeria
International Campaign for the Defence of Women's Rights in Iran, Sweden
Iran Civil Rights Committee, Canada
International Committee against Executions, Netherlands
International Committee to Protect Freethinkers, Canada
International Committee against Stoning, Germany
International Federation of Iranian Refugees, Sweden
International Labour Solidarity, UK
Iranian Secular Society, UK
Ehsan Jami, Politician, the Netherlands
Asqar Karimi, Executive Committee Member, Worker-communist Party of Iran, UK

Hope Knutsson, President, Sidmennt - the Icelandic Ethical Humanist
Association, Iceland
Hartmut Krauss, Editor, Hintergrund, Germany
Sanine Kurz, Journalist, Germany
Ghulam Mustafa Lakho, Advocate, High Court of Sindh, Pakistan
Derek Lennard, UK Coordinator of International Day against Homophobia, UK
Nasir Loyand, Left Radical of Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Kenan Malik, writer, lecturer and broadcaster, UK
Johnny Maudlin, writer of Neda (You Will Not Defeat The People), Canada
Stefan Mauerhofer, Co-President, Freethinker Association of Switzerland,
Anthony McIntyre, Writer, Ireland
Navid Minay, General Secretary, Communist Youth Organisation, Sweden
Reza Moradi, Producer, Fitna Remade, UK
Douglas Murray, Director, Centre for Social Cohesion, UK
Maryam Namazie, Campaigner, UK
Taslima Nasrin, Writer, Physician and Activist
National Secular Society, UK
Never Forget Hatun Campaign against Honour Killings, Germany
Nigerian Humanist Movement, Nigeria
Samir Noory, Writer, Canada
Yulia Ostrovskaya and Svetlana Nugaeva, Rule of Law Institute, Russia
One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain, UK
Peyvand - Solidarity Committee for Freedom Movement in Iran, Germany
Pink Triangle Trust, UK
Fariborz Pooya, Founder, Iranian Secular Society, UK
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Flemming Rose, Journalist and Editor, Denmark
Rule of Law Institute, Russia
Fahimeh Sadeghi, Coordinator, International Federation of Iranian
Refugees-Vancouver, Canada
Arash Mishka Sahami, TV Factual Producer, UK
Terry Sanderson, President, National Secular Society, UK
Michael Schmidt-Salomon, Philosopher, Author and Ralph Giordano Foundation
Spokesperson, Germany
Gabi Schmidt, Teacher, Germany
Karim Shahmohammadi, Director, Children First Now, Sweden
Sohaila Sharifi, Editor, Unveiled, London, UK
Udo Schuklenk, Philosophy professor, Queen's University, Canada
Issam Shukri, Head, Defense of Secularism and Civil Rights in Iraq; Central
Committee Secretary, Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq, Iraq
Bahram Soroush, Public Relations, International Labour Solidarity, UK
Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner, UK
Dick Taverne, Baron, House of Lords, UK
Hamid Taqvaee, Central Committee Secretary, Worker-communist Party of Iran,
Third Camp, UK
Karin Vogelpohl, Pedagogue, Germany
Babak Yazdi, Head of Khavaran, Canada
Marvin F. Zayed, President, International Committee to Protect Freethinkers,

Ţvi miđur hafđi ég ekki tíma til ađ ţýđa bréfiđ en ţađ er ákall hennar um stuđning okkar viđ bćtt mannréttindi og lýđrćđi í Íran.  Viđ getum stutt ţetta átak međ ţví ađ skrá okkur á undirskriftalista samtakanna "Iran Solidarity" (Samstađa Íran).  Ţetta er mikilvćgt í kjölfar ţeirra atburđa sem áttu sér stađ í kringum nýafstađnar forsetakosningar ţar. 

Leggjum okkar á vogarskálarnar!

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Kristján Hrannar Pálsson, 17.7.2009 kl. 12:28

2 Smámynd: Svanur Sigurbjörnsson

Já ţađ er óhćtt ađ segja Kristján Hrannar. Hún er algjör eldhugi.

Bestu kveđjur - Svanur

Svanur Sigurbjörnsson, 21.7.2009 kl. 18:21

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